“The ‘Kung Fu Shoe’ style of the Clover will debut at the end of the month! There are also hidden features to explore!”

Special colourways inspired by traditional Chinese culture have become commonplace in the sneaker world over the past two years.

Recently, the adidas Originals “Wushu” series in the “Everything Searching for the Clan” project has once again launched a new product, using “Wing Chun” as the theme to demonstrate the rich theory and philosophy of martial arts.

The new collection includes the Stan Smith, Samba and Country shoes, as well as long-sleeved T-shirts, hooded sports vests, sports trousers and jackets.

Stan Smith’s black and white colours are simple yet recognisable, as if highlighting the ‘yin and yang’ theme of martial arts.

The second pair of Samba, shoes already have a high degree of heat, plus more calm and versatile black and brown dual-colour.

The last pair, Country, is relatively unknown, but its own vintage temperament with a light grey body, the visual effect is particularly pleasing, so it can be said that all age groups can be eaten.

It is worth mentioning that all three pairs of shoes are designed with UV technology in different areas, which will show different colour changing effects through ultraviolet rays or sunlight, which is not only visually more pleasing, but also implies the hidden stance of Wing Chun, “Marking the Finger and Not Going Out”.



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