Nemias Cueta expected to move up to the starting lineup?

Nemias Cueta expected to move up to the starting lineup?

Nemias Cueta had a great preseason for the Boston Celtics, shooting 13-for-15 from the field, most of which were dunks at the rim. Would the Celtics consider giving him a full-time contract?

According to Brian Robb of MassLive, the Celtics have considered giving Cuetta a full-time contract, but in the short term, Cuetta will remain with the Celtics on a two-way contract.

"Cueta is expected to be on the 15-man roster at the start of the new season due to his stellar play in the preseason. However, a league source told MassLive that Cueta is expected to remain with the team on a two-way contract at least through the start of the new season," Robb wrote in an Oct. 23 story.

Rob also detailed the role that Cueta will play on a two-way contract.

"Cuetta will be eligible to play in several games in Boston on a two-way contract, and the team will retain some flexibility if it decides to convert his contract to a standard one later in the year."

If the Celtics lose Kristaps Porzingis and/or Al Horford inside, Cuetta could get more playing time. While Cuetta isn't the most powerful player, he was on a partially guaranteed contract with the Sacramento Kings before the Kings cut him to make room for JaVale McGee.

Dalano Banton and Svi Mikhailiuk on the roster

The Celtics signed Dalano Banton and Svi Mikhailiuk to partially guaranteed contracts in the offseason. The Celtics could have cut them before the start of the opener to avoid paying more guaranteed money, but according to Rob, it's unlikely they'll do that.

"Svi Mikhailiuk and Dalano Banton are expected to make the final 15-man roster, according to league sources," Rob wrote in an Oct. 20 story.

In Rob's article on Queta, he confirmed that Banton and Michailiuk were among the players the Celtics chose to keep on the opening night roster.

"Unless something new develops, all players still on partially guaranteed and non-guaranteed contracts (Dalano Banton, Svi Mikhailiuk, Luke Cornette, Lamar Stevens) are expected to be on the opening night roster, a source told MassLive." Rob wrote.

As it stands, the Celtics won't be making any major changes before the opener, but a lot can change between the start of the new season and the NBA trade deadline.


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