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Path of Exile Currency Guide

Path of Exile offers an innovative trading system. Instead of being powered by gold alone, its economy relies on several currencies items instead.

These scrolls serve a number of functions. A Scroll of Wisdom can identify an unknown item while the Portal Scroll creates a portal back into town from your current act.

Chaos Orb

The Chaos Orb is a primary currency item in Path of Exile. It serves primarily to "reroll" explicit modifiers on rare (yellow) items to randomise its effects - useful when trying to overcome debilitating mods on maps. Furthermore, an Orb of Scouring or another Chaos Orb can upgrade magic items or rare ones into those of equal base rarity.

A common way of earning Chaos Orbs is selling full rare sets to NPCs in any town. Selling level 60-74 items rewards one Orb, while unidentified sets yield two. Orbs also occasionally drop from defeated mobs, containers, and the Arcanist Strongbox; you can even purchase them from vendors for one Orb of Fusing at a time; these items can then be reforged into more powerful versions of themselves!

Exalted Orb

Exalted Orb is a highly desirable currency item in Path of Exile that can be used to add random affixes to any item. You can get them from killing monsters, opening chests and containers, divination cards or vendor recipes, as well as purchasing and selling them on Odealo (a secure marketplace for poe items).

Even though Divine Orbs may seem scarce, they can still be obtained easily by killing monsters on maps and looting containers and chests. Furthermore, Atlas passive trees offer passive trees containing divination cards with this currency available as an option as well as many divination cards which feature them. Once considered the primary form of currency in path of exile currency conversion, their use has since decreased considerably since their introduction into gameplay.

Use this orb to add an explicit modifier, such as Item Sells For Much More to Vendors implicit, to a rare item. However, note that any other explicit modifiers cannot replace existing ones and they cannot replace any that already exist on an item.

Mirror of Kalandra

The Mirror of Kalandra is one of Path of Exile's most valuable currency items, as its rare capability of duplicating any equipable non-unique item can only be found as a random drop from monsters, chests and destructible containers (including Arcanist Strongbox). Unfortunately it's over one thousand times rarer than Exalted Orb and only a small percentage of players ever find one!




Rare currency can be used to craft rare gear, which requires time and skillful crafting to achieve. Players may trade it with other players for profit or trade only with trusted sellers as there may be scammers lurking within the game.

Farming for this item involves killing monsters and opening Divination Cards, with your chances of success being low due to Divination's low success rate. Also keep in mind that it can only be used once before it expires!

Eternal Orb

The in-game currency system consists of various orbs and scrolls, each offering unique opportunities for players to customize their equipment. They can be obtained through killing monsters, opening chests or destructible containers, trading with vendors or through trading rare items with vendors for upgrades and unlocking new affixes (or rerolling existing ones) on gear.

Eternal Orbs provide players with an imprint of rare items which they can later use to restore them back to their original state after other currency items have been applied to it. This makes Eternal Orbs especially valuable when combined with Regal and Exalted Orbs when crafting high value gear; additionally it also allows for changing socket colors on rare equipment pieces.

Players can purchase Eternal Orbs in-game for real money through either the in-game shop, or in bundles containing gameplay-enhancing Eternal Legendary Crests and hell-themed cosmetics.



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